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Health of Eden specializes in nutritional supplements, formulated and manufactured locally by Nature's Products in Eden, Utah.

“It's a Wonderful Way of Life.” Ian Preston

Ian & Sue Preston Family

“What better feeling is there than just feeling healthy.  It is our greatest possession.  And we at Nature’s Products would like to introduce you to our exciting line of products, products that are designed to enhance your health.  What we do today affects our health tomorrow, and supplementing wisely is an important start.

      “For all of us at Nature’s Products, what we do isn’t just a business.  It is a wonderful way of life.  Our greatest reward comes from knowing what we do touches lives by improving health.  And I thank you for the thousands of testimonies that have come back to us.  We will continue our commitment to the cutting edge of healthy living research and bring to you the most effective products available.”

Ian Preston

About Nature's Products

Ian and Sue Preston have 10 children and currently 26 grandchildren.  They were both born in New Zealand, and raised in New Zealand and Australia.  They were married in 1967 and moved to the United States in 1978.  They presently live in Eden, Utah.

Ian and Sue have been formulating and distributing nutritional products for over 30 years.  Sue’s father, Dr. William Henry Hyde, was the inspiration for the nutritional supplements developed and sold today by Nature’s Products.  Dr. Hyde was born in New Zealand in 1911.  After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in the early 1930’s, he returned to New Zealand to practice.  He was convinced that good nutrition was paramount to good health and pioneered many nutritional concepts used today.  Dr. Hyde’s advice was highly regarded by both patients and colleagues alike.  He spent much of his life in the study of proper nutrition and its relationship to a person’s good health.

Ian developed a strong interest in his father-in-law’s work and became his student and prodigy.  He was mentored by Dr. Hyde in the formulation of nutritional products from the early days of his and Sue’s marriage.   For an initial period of about 9 years, Ian focused on testing his formulations on thoroughbred racehorses.  The products he developed were successfully used worldwide to promote the health of racehorses and to aid in their recovery from illness and injury.

After much study and testing, Ian turned his attention to the development of nutritional supplements for humans.  His products soon became very popular and have been sold internationally.  About 15 years ago, Ian began formulation of the product known today as OPC Extra™.  As the concepts of free radicals in relationship to health and free radical scavengers, or antioxidants, became widely accepted, so did the popularity of this pioneering product.

But Ian did not stop there.  Building on success of the earlier antioxidant products, he continued to formulate more potent nutritional products culminating in OPC Extra™ and Immunx™ each of which contain five major antioxidants or OPCs. Immunx™ which was introduced in the last two years is one of the most complete nutritional supplements on the market today.  The primary antioxidant is grape seed extract or ActiVin™, a highly recognized and accepted OPC.  Besides the five major antioxidants, it also contains a full range of vitamins, minerals, and other powerful supplements.  The minerals are “chelated” for maximum absorption.
Ian has also formulated a product to build strong and healthy joints that he has combined with a superior formulation of “chelated” minerals to create the product Cell Basics™.

Ian continues to improve the offerings of Nature’s Products.  He studies incessantly in the field of nutrition and continues to be a leader in the industry.  Since the death of Dr. Hyde in 1998, Ian has assumed many of his responsibilities.  He and Sue conduct an annual “Healthy Living Seminar” and tour in their native land of New Zealand.  Ian’s counsel and advice in nutrition is sought after internationally.  He is especially well known and respected for his expertise in New Zealand and Australia.

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The products mentioned in this website are all Dietary Supplements. Dietary Supplements are not medicines and no claims, expressed or implied are made for the therapeutic or clinical application of any products referred to in this website. All medical problems should be diagnosed and treated by a health care practitioner.